“Thank you very much for your report. I couldn't have dropped on a more professional and expedient service. You take your chances when trawling the internet, but I must say I was drawn to the warmth of your website, not just in colour but in text too, and it certainly represents you well.” - Trevor Adshead, UK

“Hi Susan,

Thank you for the work you did for me; this has been the best thing to come out of 4 years research.” - Richard Rees, UK

“The service provided was excellent value, enabling me to make real progress in tracking down my missing relatives, which I could not have done without Susan's enthusiastic help.” - Steve Lancaster, West Sussex

“Guernsey Ancestry has been an enormous help with tracking down the correct Alice Le Poidevin who married into a distant part of my family at the turn of the last century. There was a great variation in the recording of her surname that proved very tricky to sort out. I am still working my way through all the detailed information you provided.” - John Street, Cheshire

“Susan provided a quick and informative response with a comprehensive report on her findings and some hints to support me in my ongoing research. I now have more information to move forward with in my family search. Thank you Susan.” - Linda Boon, Victoria, BC, Canada

“Susan produced not only a detailed and comprehensive report, properly sourced with all the supporting documentation but also lots of little "extras" that she had found, such as journal entries and newspaper advertisements, these really brought the research to life. And although one should not talk about money, it was very cheap!!” - Brian Dunne, Kent

“You sent me the best present I've had for ages, 15 pages of beautiful information, and so much about his immediate family, it was like I had been invited into his home.” - Frank Carver, Perth, Australia

“The information you provided me with was really interesting and confirmed when my family first arrived in Guernsey.  The newspaper articles were fascinating.” - Jeff Kitts, Guernsey

“Having provided me with some initial information on my ancestors, I am now fully immersed in researching my family tree for myself. Thanks for the encouragement and help.” - Matt Robins, Guernsey

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“Your services, based in Guernsey, have been invaluable as I am not able to visit the Island as much as I would like. It is wonderful to read the obituaries that you found, giving added information on my ancestors’ lives.” - Steve Renouf, California